heavensmiles = two gay visual novel developers living & working together (cpu & sofa)

we are committed full time but struggle alot to pay for necessities. anything you send helps!

we started this fundraiser to help us survive. Our goal is to make visual novels our primary business for the future!


10k GOAL ~ covers 1 year of development!

amount made: 40%!


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PRECIOUS THEATRE ~ 1st HEAVENSMILES vn ~ magical girl mystery story

Follow the story of Mayday Matrix!

At age 16 Mayday was kicked out of her backup dancer position in X:SAINT, an internationally popular ego group!! With her career vanished and sitting with a fat antimony, she decided to pursue what her heart is really after... CRIMINOLOGIES!

For several years she did nothing but watching TV and studying criminology 101 books expecting to start her own firm but her step-uncle pressured her out of it... !being a detective is non-sense for making ends meet! !you should get a real job Mayday! !you should attend a decent university like AS_HI! !hacking is a much more respectible career! You can get a decent socially approvable EGO! thus she is forced to attend AS_HI...



the most elite prestigous ALL-GIRLS hacking university in the world sporting 4 server cores

1 of which known by the whole world for hosting more than 64 million EGOs online each day, powered ofc, by the freezing cold temperatures of antartica!

not only that... AS_HI has private student-run server cores for each school house, #RGB! and AS_HI even sports its own private internal currency #PP (prized possession)...

all of these factors and informations

all of these datas, and dreamings of Egos...its just, can you smell it?

smell what?

the clues

what clues

maybe its the way the wind blew across the ice sheet and the stillness of the penguins...

i know it!

that a place like AS_HI might actually be a perfect fate alignment for a retired teenager dectective!#CASEOPEN!*smash*

that's the problem for Mayday.... how can she put her sunglasses away when a prestigious school like AS_HI has so many question marks...



continue the story following Twigs Charbonneau

Join the Love Corp! o7

Ep3 starts with a long dream with Twigs on the EPF at the Nu Ideal Org in a crisis!

The Visual Bible was only released last night at the "Finally! Just Truth Event!" and the stats are already in a downward spiral towards deternity!


Meet love corp members, work hard at the call center, eat beans and rice, clean the bathrooms #bilges, and do claydemos in the course room! The org is in a state of total emergency! If we don't get these Visual Bible quotas met ASAP everyone will be come to know the meaning of permanent residence in ETHICS!



6 FAIRYMAIDENS wake up..an oasis mansion in deserted JUPITER..and missing memories of a previous life

together they begin a group mission to remember & as the past is revealed, so is the future fate result..~ smile!



WARNING: if you donate over 100$ we will send you love mail ! original artwork by sofa & cpu + handwritten thank you note!!!!plz send your shipping name + address to visualnovelcup@gmail.com to make sure we have your info

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